5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive

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Rapidstick™ 5 Minute Epoxy is a high strength, versatile, non-shrinking, two-part dual syringe adhesive, which delivers equal parts of both the epoxy resin and the hardener with every use. When mixed in equal volumes, the reaction produces a tough, rigid, high strength bond in 5 minutes for quick project completion.

5 Minute Epoxy can be used on a wide range of materials as a gap filler, or for surface repairs and laminating. It can also be combined with fibreglass cloth for a durable patch, as well as tinted with earth pigments, cement, or sand for colour matching. Once dry, it can be rubbed back and drilled.

5 Minute Epoxy is resistant to water and most common solvents, drying clear and making it perfect for transparent repairs, or jobs that require invisible seams.

Recommended bonding surfaces include, but are not limited to:

  • Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Wood, Rigid Plastics, China, Tile, Fibreglass, Concrete, Stone

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