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Screw gauge metric equivalent chart

30 October 2009

How do I measure a self tapping screw
Screw guage metric equivalent chart
4 gauge screw is 2.9 mm thick
6 gauge screw is 3.5 mm thick
8 gauge screw is 4.2 mm thick
10 gauge screw is 4.8 mm thick
12 gauge screw is 5.5 mm thick
14 guage screw is 6.3 mm thick
these are standard sizes and may vary slightly
for instructions on how to correctly identify the head and measure the length please click the read more icon.
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To Measure the length of a self tapping screw
The length of a self tapping screw is commonly measured in inches with exception of chipboard and particle board screws.
Although there are many head types most are basically pan head or countersunk.
Starting with pan head self tapper, measure from under the head and down to the point, see diagram below.

To measure a countersunk screw measure the overall length