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Building a Deck or a Pagola?

22 September 2013

Here are some things that you may need.

Decking Screws stainless steel, Most popular is the 10x50 square drive grade 304, great for 19 to 22mm decking boards. Also popular with people installing 19 mm decking boards is 8gauge x 50mm Trim Head decking screws these screws have a smaller drive system and less head than the 10 gauge. For thicker decking boards Batten Screws, 14 gauge batten screws are popular and recomended for fastening boards that are 30mm plus thick 50,75,100,125 and 150mm long they are a strong and robust available stainless steel or class 3 galvanized for those on a tight budget.

If you have steel joists you will need wing teks, self drilling and countersinking screws designed for fixing timber deck to metal joists.

If your deck is hardwood and your wanting a good finish you will need a clever tool, This is a pilot drill with a countersinking tool attached at the correct depth for your screw.

Galvanized or stainless steel cup head bolts ideal for use with your treated pine beares and post.

Decking Screws sizes and prices.

Timber to metal decking screws, wing teks

Batten Screws Sizes and prices.

Cup Head Bolts Galvanized.sizes and prices

Cup Head Bolts Stainless Steel sizes and prices