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1 March 2014

Removable  Concrete Bolts


A highly versatile masonry anchor with similar performance to other masonry anchors but fully removable. Fast and simple installation and can be through fastened.

Basically a removable concrete bolt has a Hex Head the same as a standard bolt with a drawn out coarse thread designed to screw into and out of concrete. Click here to see images of Removable concrete bolts.

Several  major brand names now import removable concrete bolts and it would seem each have given the removable concrete bolt a new name (can’t help laughing at these guys J) see list below to help identify the brands.

Ramset call it the Ankascrew Screw-In Anchor

Powers Fasteners call it Blue Tip Screw Bolt (Some blue paint on the tip) supposedly to lubricate the thread (Gimmick)

Pro Fast call it a Pro Bolt

Bremick have a version named Masonry Screw Anchor (available 8.8 high tensile)

Hobson Use the name XBOLT Also has a dab of paint on the tip. (red)

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