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Safety Washers-Nordlock

24 November 2014



Offering the following advantages:

  High resistance to vibration due to positive locking of the serrations.

  Concentrical force transmission and uniform axial load eliminate bending torques and deformation of the bolt stem.

  The design of the serrations prevents friction and damage to components when tightening.

  Extremely high safety against loss of pretension force and loosening.

  Wide variety for materials and different finishes.

  The closed ring form results in high degree of pretensioning, while avoiding burst-open effect.

  Development and design of the wash- ers take place on the basis of the screw geometrics, tightening torque as well as the constructive circumstances.

Bolt Securing System – Nord-Lock



Nord-Lock® offer one of the most effective bolt securing systems that provides safe locking for bolted joints even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. Nord-Lock® products can help you optimize your bolted joints in order to minimize overall cost and maximize safety.


Disc Spring Locking Systems - SCHNORR®


As a pioneer in disc spring applications, Adolf Schnorr founded the owner-run family company in 1908. Today, SCHNORR® has grown into an internationally leading problem solver in the field of disc springs and screw locking devices. The company has a global network of numerous branch offices.

To be among the best requires work on one’s skills and opportunities in order to develop successfully. This doesn’t only apply to the technical equipment and the optimisation of SCHNORR® processes but also to SCHNORR® staff’s qualification and additional skills. The entire SCHNORR® team is committed to the most important corporate objective in a highly motivated and performance orientated manner: customer satisfaction.

Disc Spring Locking Systems - SCHNORR®

A key advantage of the disc spring is that it can raise a high elastic force with a small spring travel. That is why it is used very often to store potential energy. Apart from this virtual static use, it is also often used in dynamic applications.

When using disc springs under sinusoidal oscillating loads, fatigue strength and time yield diagrams are available in order to enable a safe design. Wherever possible the spring arrangement applied should achieve a fatigue live in excess of 2 million cycles. Fundamental to the successful application of a disc spring under these conditions is observing the minimum preload requirements and that the springs are correctly guided.

SCHNORR® fatigue life estimates are based on a sinusoidal load input. For applications where step input (i.e. impact) is seen SCHNORR® can advise on fatigue life according to application.