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  •   Soudal Multi Spray 8 in 1
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    High Grade Universal Spray with 8 fold action: It works as a rust remover, lubricant, cleaner, penetrating oil, resists corrosion, is a water dispersant and contact spray.

  •   White Lithium Grease 350g Aerosol
  •   Chemtools Deox R56 Multi-Purpsoe Super Lubricant
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    DEOX R56 Super Lubricant is a silicone-free blend of high quality petroleum distillates, formulated to ensure maximum lubrication, corrosion prevention, and all-weather moisture displacement across a wide and varied array of applications. As a general maintenance penetrant, it arrives unmatched in its versatility and quality, extending the life of parts and machinery, and lubricating moving components.

    DEOX R56 can be applied to loosen rusted bolts and stop squeaky hinges, preserve hand tools, ensure the smooth operation of locks and door handles, and protect operating controls, electrical wiring, ignition systems, circuitry, connectors, and much more.

    DEOX R56 performs well as a cutting oil, and is a great environmental barrier to protect and preserve outdoor structures and equipment from harsh winds, weathering, and humidity extremes. It is an ideal lubricant for bicycle and automotive suspension components, and comes equipped with an Accu-Jet valve (400g Aerosol only) with extension tube for hard-to-reach areas.

  •   Inox MX3 300ml Aerosol
  •   Molytec Spraysafe Silicone 250g aerosol
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    Spraysafe Silicone is a high quality food grade silicone fluid in an aerosol form. It is a colourless, odourless protective lubricant. Spraysafe is non conductive and is water resistant. Will not affect plastics or polycarbonates.
  •   Chemtools Lanoflex R55 Heavy Duty Lanolin Aerosol 400 Gram
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    Lanoflex™ R55 Heavy Duty Lanolin is a powerful formulation of refined mineral oil distillates, lanolin, and Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors. It has a firm adhesive tendency to most metal surfaces and dries leaving a tenacious layer of grease which provides a natural barrier to moisture and water, offering excellent protection from salt spray deposits.

    R55 is a non-toxic multi-purpose biodegradable marine grade rust preventative that lubricates, cleans, penetrates, and prevents corrosion. It has excellent protective properties for ferrous metals, and is safe to use on rubber, paintwork, and most plastics.

     Suggested Applications & Uses

    • Lubrication and rust protection for chains, anchors, and shackles
    • Leather protection
    • Timber sealing and preservation
    • Rust and corrosion protection for outboard motors, battery terminals, and wiring
    • Waterproofing of long-term outdoor storage and equipment
    • Cleaning and corrosion prevention of mining equipment and saddlery/harnesses


  •   Lanox MX4 Aerosol 300g
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    LANOX is a heavy duty anti-moisture, anti-corrosion lubricant made with a high grade lubricating oil and lanolin base with specialized chemical compounds
  •   Inox MX3 375ml Aerosol with Ultimate 2 way nozzle
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    Experience the Ultimate 2-Way.
    Power & Precision.
    Due to popular demand INOX have introduced the Ultimate 2-Way Nozzle with the MX3 375g can.

    Now you get 2 options! Switch easily between a strong and rich mist from the new and improved nozzle of lock in the straw and feel the power of a focused stream of MX3 for precise pin point application.

  •   Jet Ski and Boat Spray R80 400g
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    Chemtools Jet Ski and Boat Spray is a powerful formulation of refinedmineral oil distillates, lanolin and vapour corrosion inhibitors for use in marine environments. It provides excellent protective properties for ferrous metals by leaving a thin, water displacing film fro long term corrosion protection and mechanical rust proofing. When sprayed over motors and outboards, power legs, cables and linkages, Jet Ski and Boat Spray will penetrate cracks and internal componants to inhibit electrolysis and lubricate and protect against moisture invasion and salt spray deposits.
  •   Marine Grease 450g Cartridge
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    Marine Grease is a tacky, high temperature multi-purpose lithium complex grease. It contains a special anti-rust additive for enhanced protection against rust and corrosion in marine and salt water environments. It also contains tackiness additives to allow it to stay in place providing excellent water resistance and shock loading under all operating conditions.

    Ideal for application on anchor winches, outboard assemblies, roller bearings, ball bearings, trailers, and much more.

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