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Timber to Metal Wing Teks. Stainless Steel.

Wing Teck Screws are specifically designed for fastening timber and or composite boards to metal. The special wing feature prevents thread engagement with the timber enabling rapid fastening and prevents lifting of the timber before the screw has fully penetrated the base material.

As the drill point drills throught the timber the special wings enlarge the hole diameter ensuring that there is a clearance between the threads and the timber.

Once the drilling point has fully penetrated the base material the special wings break off on contact with the base material. The threads on the screw shank then engage and cut mating threads into the base material.The fastener head is then recessed into the fastened material as the required clamping forces are generated.

These screws are Bi-Metal as they have a high tensile drill tip fused onto the stainless steel screw and then are class 3 (galvanize) coated to protect the tip. A reasonably fast screw driver 2000 rpm Minimum is recommended and will drill through about 3.2mm thick steel.

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