Rapidstick Epoxy Putty - 57g stick

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Rapidstick™ 8-145 Epoxy Putty

Rapidstick™ 8-145 Epoxy Putty is an impact resistant kneadable putty with high bond strength. It consists of two parts in a 1:1 mix ratio and can be easily applied by hand or trowel. Part A (Resin – outer part) and Part B (Hardener – inner part) are separated by a thin film of plastic, and once removed and thoroughly kneaded to combine, the putty sets into an extremely tough, permanent substance, equal to the hardness of metal, in just 15 minutes at room temperature.

8-145 is used as a moldable space-filler for any shaped space, wet or dry, and can be used as a sealant, gap filler, adhesive, putty, or cement. It can be easily applied by hand or trowel, and bonds to a wide range surfaces, with excellent adhesion to most substrates.

Upon cure, Epoxy Putty can be sanded, drilled, tapped, machined, filed, and painted. It is ideal for the permanent repair of cracks, holes, dents, and leaks, plus the reshaping of damaged surfaces (chipped railings, dented skirting boards, etc.) and the long-term mounting of signs to walls.

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